Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

Porridge Club Adventures

After being two days on the road again, my knee started hurting. Luckily I found Axel the monkey on the road who helped me with the decision to catch a train.

Simon and Aanna hosted me  in Örebro during my train ride to Goteborg. Simon started his own Kimchi business and he is really enthusiastic about it. Thanks to the good taste and quality it is growing fast.

Arrival in Goteborg

Visiting the small and  beautiful islands outside of Goteborg. It feels like the time is passing slower here.

The whole last week I have visited Charlotta in Malmö. We went out for a beautiful two day bicycle adventure crossing a national park. On the picture you can see our beautiful camping spot. A wild rabbit and a butterfly guided us there :)

Tasting Swedish chocolate balls is the best :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful time :)

 I am bit sad that we could not spent more time together. Charlotta flew to Iceland yesterday and I spent the night in Copenhagen.

This trip is now slowly coming to an end. Tomorrow I will take the ferry to Germany. 
I feel excited and happy to meet all of you soon but also a bit scared about whats next in life.