Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Thank You Lindsberg!

Luckily there is a dance teacher living at Lindsberg. So we had a nice Swedish folks-dance lesson accompanied  musically by a violinist. Look at this movements :D

Pablo (on the right) started renovating the 2000m² house around 4 years ago with  friends. Most of the rooms are renovated nowadays but it is an endless project to keep a place like this in good condition.

Look what we've found in the containers :) Free food for everyone.
It's sad to see how much super tasty food gets thrown away every day :/

This weeksend I attended a workshop on how to repair windows at Lindsberg.

"Repairing Windows" will sound like a nice extra in my next job application ;)

First aid Aloe Vera treatment after a heat gun accident

Have fun on Öland Alina. We miss you here at Lindsberg.

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Say Hallå to Sweden

He is prepared for the cold!

On 30th of April I crossed Uppsala (Sounds like a accident but it's a city north of Stockholm), A lot of young people were celebrating Valborgsmässoafton in the parks. They participated in races with funny little boats especially built for this day.

Volvo lasts forever!

On the first night I found this cosy cottage with a bed of straw. So no need for a tent :)

2nd night with great view on a river

I've arrived in Lindsberg. It is a small commune living together in a huge old stone building from 1905. I plan to live here for around three weeks :) I'll upload some pictures soon...