Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

Thank You Lindsberg!

Luckily there is a dance teacher living at Lindsberg. So we had a nice Swedish folks-dance lesson accompanied  musically by a violinist. Look at this movements :D

Pablo (on the right) started renovating the 2000m² house around 4 years ago with  friends. Most of the rooms are renovated nowadays but it is an endless project to keep a place like this in good condition.

Look what we've found in the containers :) Free food for everyone.
It's sad to see how much super tasty food gets thrown away every day :/

This weeksend I attended a workshop on how to repair windows at Lindsberg.

"Repairing Windows" will sound like a nice extra in my next job application ;)

First aid Aloe Vera treatment after a heat gun accident

Have fun on Öland Alina. We miss you here at Lindsberg.

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